Typical work is usually not only evaluated in terms of content, but also in terms of style and grammar. The stylistic correctness of the stylistic work includes not only the observance of all compositional requirements of the given stylistic form, but also the correct syntactic composition of the sentences. Among the basic criteria for evaluating stylistic correctness of the essay is the achievement of the required language level, the readability of the text and its clarity and clarity. The grammatical correctness of the essay is determined by observing all the grammatical rules of the language in which we write the work. Among the most risky grammatical phenomena of the English language is the use of punctuation in more complex sentences. As a rule, compliance with grammatical correctness is usually not part of the evaluation criteria of university work, such as bachelor, diploma, rigorous or dissertation work;

Scope of work

The scope of the essay is usually determined in the same way as the scope of the paper or seminar work by the submitter. The scope of the essay depends on the style in which the essay is to be processed. Typically, the submitter does not specify the exact scope of the work, but the minimum and maximum range. The student must then compose his / her work so that its range ranges within the specified interval.

Composition work and its graphic design

The style work is also evaluated in terms of its graphic layout. That is, from the point of view of proper division of work into paragraphs, their indentation, observance of margins and the absence of strangulation. Although this criterion does not belong to the basic evaluation criterion of stylistic work, many evaluators take it into account when assessing their work. A certain graphic design is required for all types of work (from a paper, through a seminar paper to a dissertation), its non-compliance usually corresponds to the non-compliance with the formal criteria for the work.