Two basic criteria usually play a role in the selection of the topic of the essay, namely its theme and stylistic structure in which it is to be elaborated. These two criteria are closely related. As a rule, it is not recommended to students to choose the theme of the thesis, essay, seminary, grade, but also for example bachelor, which does not suit them or which they do not have sufficient information about. On the other hand, it is necessary to add that the style work is often entered only by entering the stylistic form in which it is to be processed. The secondary recommendation is to choose such a stylistic unit, whose formal requirements the student is familiar with and whose composition has experience. If a student has a choice of themes and departments when writing an essay, it is advisable to choose a topic and a composition that is closest to him both in terms of composition and content.

Preparation before writing an essay

Typical writing is usually announced in advance. This fact gives students the opportunity to prepare their essays appropriately. A well-written essay is often one of the conditions for passing a particular subject.

Theory to the required style

Before writing the essay, it is advisable to find information about the particular stylistic unit in which the work will have to be conceived. Each stylistic unit has certain formal requirements prescribed, the presence and correct order of which are characteristic for the given department and which will therefore be part of the evaluation of the essay. Obtained information about a given stylistic formation is absolutely necessary for observing the composition of the composition of the style work and thus for avoiding the possibility of turning away from the assignment.

Composition work and its outline

Creating a syllabus is necessary for almost all types of assignments, ie, for example, seminar, year, bachelor or diploma work. The syllabus of the essay consists of individual passwords, which serve the author in particular to sort out ideas, create a plan for the elaboration of stylistic work, hierarchically divide the work, predict the time-consuming processing of stylistic work and formal adjust the work. As a rule, the syllabus consists of the titles of the individual paragraphs of the essay (or of the chapters) and of the sub-paragraphs. There are exact rules for the creation of the outline for the individual stylistic formations.

Assessment of composition work

Compliance with the essay

The basic criterion for the evaluation of the essay is the student’s or student’s ability to observe the assignment, ie to adhere to the given topic and the specified composition. Adhering to the theme of stylistic work is the most problematic in the case of thinking, because in this stylistic formation most often the loosening of thought associations and thus also diverting from the given topic. The given name of a composition is often accompanied by the word subjective, eg subjective description. In this case, it is necessary for the essay to be written from the author’s point of view and to express the author’s attitude and emotional connection to the topic.

Compliance with the time limit when writing an essay

If the essay is given at school, the time to process it is usually limited. The student must be clearly aware of this limitation and spread his writing work so that he has sufficient time to process and control it. If a student is unable to properly interpret the essay, there is a risk that he / she will have to unexpectedly terminate it, finish it quickly, or that his / her work does not meet grammatical accuracy criteria due to lack of control.